Wednesday, March 21, 2007


So the top judge in England and Wales has said that life-sentence prisoners are being kept in jail for twice as long as is necessary and that the prisons are being gummed up with these geriatric lifers for no good reason whatsoever. Where do I come in that?

When you think about it, I get two mentions there:
been in jail far too long (even if I was guilty!)
and I'm geriatric, or not far off it.

Well in that case, I'd better pack my bags and get ready to leave I suppose. I wonder what will come of it all?

Someone came to see me yesterday to ask about doing a CALM course - Anger Management - so I told him that if I get any calmer they will have to put me on a monitor to see if I have a heartbeat. He said he agreed. So I told him, again, that I did the anger management thing three times as part of my offending behaviour courses - in fact, I pioneered the bloody thing. So he said that he agreed with that too and that he would go and put me down as "Done it"! It just goes to show that it can be done if they want to. All it needs is a tick in a box - job done. I wonder if that is the new policy?

That was yesterday.

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