Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Andrew, if you read this I have been trying to send you emails but don't seem to have your proper email address.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

She is still not listening

She is still not listening, she never does! better explain I suppose.
It all revolves around Christmas and presents, the world's biggest rip-off, bigger than toilet paper, and THAT'S some rip-off!
Now, she knows that I don't like crew necks, not on tee shirts or jumpers or anything else, so she buys me a crew neck jumper for Christmas from Debenhams.
Christmas Day I open the parcel and see this crappy jumper. Well, not crappy, it's a nice one, she paid a lot of money for it but it was no good to me.
"You don't like it, do you?" she accused.
"No," said I honestly.
"Right!" was her response. "I'll take it back then if I can find the receipt."
"You do that," was my unsympathetic reply.
Well, I forgot about it and about twenty minutes ago she phoned me up.
"Freddie!" says she. "I am in Debenhams and they haven't got any Vee necks but they have got a lovely jumper with a collar and buttons. Will you wear it?"
"Is it a crew neck?" asked the superstar, (me)
"I'll have it then, bring some coke in with you." and I put the phone down because somebody was at the door and the dogs were going beeswax.
I mean to say, I TOLD her a dozen times, I don't like Debenhams because they are taking the piss and I don't like crew necks. Does she listen? Does she bollocks, and she is still not listening.