Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I certainly Attract Them

Well, I certainly attract them, the lame, halt, lazy, weird and wonderful. I got myself a flat as a sort of interim measure to better things; Well, Joe is going to have a new bathroom, new kitchen, chimney breast removed and other major work done on the house. So the place will be a building site for a little while. I needed a place so I went and got one, as you do. Nice place, above a friend's shop, bathroom and kitchen are new and the bedroom is big, but nothing like as big as the sitting room which is enormous! It used to be two bedrooms but is now just one big room, you need opera glasses to watch the telly! So, I have done it all, painted, fully carpeted, the works. Nice furniture, all that, it only needed the curtains. However, the windows go with the rest of the place, massive, so I had to buy big curtains. Then I had to work out how to put them up, never having had to do such a thing before. So, I was talking about it to my brother and a pal and this strange female, (well known to my brother,) offered to have a look and tell me what I needed to do. Half an hour later a friend tells me that this woman is pissed out of her brains and running me down saying that I am after her.
Why is life full of the weirdos and cranks that it seems full off, and why do I attract them? And make no mistake about it, I certainly attract them!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Nasty Piece of Work

What a nasty piece of work. Anyone who knows me, or of me or who has read my blog from time to time knows that I have met and associated with a few nasty pieces of work over the years, and there are many who thinks and say I am one myself. However, I used to associate with a female, nothing special, just an association that went wrong through her choice, not mine. She told me to go away only not using those precise words. Then the horrible texts started so I had to block her and all the rest of it. Well, I didn't hear from the horrible cow for a while and then she must have got hold of another phone or something because she started again. I told her to 'fuck off' but she wouldn't. I have had to block her again. I kid you not, she is nothing short of vermin, a nasty piece of work.