Friday, February 18, 2011

Waiting for Godot

They've done it again!

I had a letter from my solicitor informing me that, once again, the Parole Board has overlooked me - I have not been listed for an oral hearing date in April. I now have to wait for yet another month to find out if I will be given a date in May 2011 - the May listings are due to be disclosed on either 7th or 14th of March. I am not a happy bunny. It's like waiting for Godot - the expectation is there but he never materialises. Watching paint dry would be marginally more satisfying because at least we could be sure that the paint WILL dry!

I have to ask - what was all the urgency for at the end of last year when the Parole Board ordered that all additional reports had to be completed and submitted by mid November? The reports were submitted on time - so where did the urgency go to?

I have expressed my dissatisfaction, of course, but that just makes me churlish and discontent as far as the board is concerned, I expect. Why should they care? They go home every night to loving families - while I haven't been home for twenty-five years. I am left, for yet another month, in limbo - a month more of uncertainty in which I am left to amuse myself in whatever depraved way that I see fit.

So much is promised, so little is delivered. I'm not surprised that Blodwyn is leaving the place - and the job. It would try the patience of a saint - if there were any saints around here.

We shall see what happens next, I suppose.

It seems that Hoss the Boss here at the Lazy L has become most decidely unpopular amongst certain members of the staff. The cons don't mind him - he appears to be a good governor who is doing his best with the place. However, the Lazy L has always been a P.O.A. jail and they don't like anyone meddling in their little power bases. Hoss the Boss wants them to actually earn their wages - and that's never a popular thing around here.

Have they confronted Hoss the Boss? Have they hell. Beyond a grumble or two, they say nothing publicly - they are sneakier than that. The plan is to agitate the cons so that the cons will kick over the traces and thus (the twisted thinking goes) the governor will be moved on.

What nobody has taken into account is that, when cons kick over the traces, they are punished, and many years are added on to the end of their sentences. Do the P.O.A. give a rat's arse about that? Of course they don't. Do they give a shit ahout prisoners' families? Of course they don't.

It will be remembered that, just after Christmas, there was a huge amount of fuss here at the Lazy L, with lockdowns and all that kind of thing. The main instigator of the trouble was an S.O. whom I will call Cecil - after the fellow who discovered Rhodesia. (Discovered Rhodesia my sorry aunt. It had been there since the world was formed - it wasn't lost! I've got this wee picture in my head of a couple of natives standing there saying, "I wish an explorer would come and tell us where the fuck we are.")

Anyway, Cecil was seen to be the troublemaker and was informed in no uncertain terms to pack it in. He did, for a couple of weeks. Now he has started again - anything he can do to upset the cons, he is doing it. No checks and balances, of course - there is no one watching to curb the excesses, there never is.

However, Hoss the Boss has recently taken to visiting the wing from time to time, so the next time he appears I will button-hole him and let him know. Some people shouldn't be given the chance to walk dogs, let alone destroy the prospects of others.

Finally to Boudica. Her dog, her new(ish) dog, has now eaten a telephone. Okay, it was only a mobile, and that's not much of a snack for a hungry Staffie, but it's an expensive snack. I've told her, in fact I'm sick of telling her - muzzle the bleedin' thing! Will she listen? Well, not Boudica. Boudica is like all women - she only listens when it is her doing the talking.

Right - that should have irritated fifty percent of the country - AND the mob who are in touch with their feminine side, the politically-correct gang.

Now, ladies, let's not turn this into a personal vendetta - there is no need for animosity. Besides, any lip and I'll tell my friend Godot about you - when he gets here...

The Voice In The Wilderness

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