Saturday, June 16, 2012

A good week

Everyone likes to sit back at the end of the week now and then, smile contentedly and say to himself (or herself), "You know what? I've had a good week this week."

It happens too! We do get to say it, now and then.

However, mostly we seem to spend each week lurching from chaos, blind panic and disaster to utter disaster - and that's on a good week!

Okay, we can get a little stressed out from time to time - but we can live with that. After all, wasn't it Anton Chekhov who said:

Any idiot can face a crisis. It is the day-to-day living that wears you out.
Well, we get these little knocks and setbacks from time to time and, the good Lord knows, I've had my share. Do I let it worry me? Not a bit of it. I simply dust myself off, take a firmer grip on the greasy pole of life and start climbing again. Put it this way - you can knock me down, but you'll never get me to stay there.

From all of the above, a blind man would be forgiven for thinking that some snippet of bad news was coming - it's not. The thing is that I have been trying to get the PTB (Powers That Be) to allow me to go to Buddy's country residence for my home leaves. After all, I go there for my days out, no problems! But, as matters stand at the minute, it isn't allowed. No home leaves for me unless I go to a hostel and surround myself with junkies - provided they can find a spare bed for me amongst such delectable fellows. I can still go for days out of course!  But does that bit of poor intelligence mean that I have had a bad week?

Not really.

My mail may have all but dried up entirely - I have no idea why - but the sun has been out for most of the time (it's pissing down as I write) and I've got a nice tan. The PTB here at the Home for Gay Sailors have more or less agreed to allow me (and a couple of others, I expect) to keep piqeons, ornamental doves, parrots and other exotics and raptors - it's being organised. I've got my weight down to twelve and a half stones and the operation on my umbilical hernia has heen rescheduled for later this month, so things ain't so bad, I suppose.

So, can I say that I've had a good week this week? Well, I haven't had a bad one - and I've certainly had a lot worse. But have I had a good one? Maybe I'll be able to say it with more conviction next week, eh?

The Voice In The Wilderness

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