Saturday, March 15, 2014

My family.

My family! I just thought I would mention them. I have five brothers and three sisters although there have been losses, not all of them are still with us. Okay, there are eight of us left and in our turn we have our children. Okay, not all of us have children, (all in their mature ages by now of course)  but between us there are twenty one children. Those children, in their turn have got children! Let's say they average 2.5 each! that still comes to over eighty people, and that's not counting cousins! I told you, it's an extended family!
Okay, we have the whole gamut amongst that lot, We have the nasty ones, that includes me I suppose, the silly, the grumpy and the downright insane. The piss-heads and the dick-heads and all stops in between. We are as dysfunctional as the best of them, but they are all MY family.

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