Monday, November 21, 2016

A Nice, Freindly Chat

A nice, friendly chat; that's what it was.
This is the picture. I am sitting playing World Championship Poker on the play station and it is about half four in the afternoon.
In she comes.
The dog looks at her, decides that she can come in then goes back to sleep.
She looks like a drowned rat
"Raining, is it?" I ask, not unreasonably I thought.
"You bastard," she accuses, dripping all over the place. "You could have come and got me! But no! You have got your dressing gown on!. Bastard!"
"All you had to do was give me a ring," says I.
"Would you have come?"
"No," I reply, honestly. "It's raining."
"Bastard," says she and storms off.
Oh yeah, I like a nice, friendly chat.

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