Thursday, December 01, 2016

She never stops!

She never stops.
I was on the vodka last night and had one too many. I woke up this morning the worse for wear so Grindon Gertie had to get the bus to work, she's a dinner lady. As soon as we had got rid of her, me and Ghengis Khan went back to bed. It's just gone three in the afternoon now and we have been awake for ten minutes. We would still be asleep if Prehistoric Pauline hadn't phoned me up.
"I have got a little dog," says she. Notice that she doesn't ask me or Khan, she simply informs us and if we don't like it we can go and fuck a spider as far as she is concerned. The fact that he tried to kill the last dog he met, another Akita, seems to have slipped her mind.
I said, "What if Khan won't have it?"
"He bloody will or I'll punch his lights out," I am informed. "I am getting it off our Olwyn, she has to get rid of it tonight."
"Well, you better go to Jackie White's market then, to the dog place and get a muzzle for Khan. He is ten and a half round the nose." I tell her, "We can put it on him before we bring the little dog inside."
"I still want another Akita," she informs me. "I'll be in about tea time, I hope you are sober by now."
"Sod off," I tell her and turned the phone off.
It rang again.
"What?" asked me in my best phone manner.
"I want to go to Morrison's tonight as well. I need some things."
"Sod off," I tell her, she never stops!

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