Saturday, December 03, 2016

They are at home this afternoon.

They are at home this afternoon so I am going to the match again. Grindon Gertie and her little dog have been out all night, they stayed over at Grindon and haven't turned up yet, it's nearly noon too!
 When /if they turn up before I go to the match I will surprise her because I have got her a ticket, that's the up-side. The downside is that it is next to mine, ha ha.
Of course she will have been downtown shopping this morning but she will still want me to take her somewhere for more wastrel activity.
Anyway, there will be a grumpy reaction when I tell her to sod off, her and her little dog, but I don't care.
Yesterday she came in with two Christmas jumpers, for the fucking dogs! She put the jumper on her little dog and it stood there like a lion shitting a bone, terrified. She had to fight Khan just to get his around his neck, and that's as far as she got because it was far too small for him. She will have to take it back. I've never heard so much drivel, jumpers for dogs.
Anyway, I am off to watch the game, they are at home this afternoon.

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