Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A family weekend

It is the females who cause all the trouble you know! I went up to Sunderland again on Friday and no sooner had I got myself settled at Robert's when my sister Ellen arrived.

"Hello, Big Head," says she, punching me in the chest.

"What do you want?" I asked in my best academic manner.

She sniggered.

Anyway, wandered round to my brother Jimmy's for a little chat with him and of course he produces cans of liquid.

"I don't want a drink," said I.

"I'll have one," says Ellen, grabbing a pack of four.

Within an hour I've got several brothers present, a couple of nephews with their wives or girlfriends, a niece or two arrived with their fellows and of course the two women who should never be allowed in the same town together - my sisters. Well it didn't take long before the bottles were being purchased at the off-licence and people were quaffing brandy or whisky - sometimes both.

Have you noticed that when families have these little parties there seems to be a lot of laughing and buggering about, a lot of cars get left in odd places and the music gets louder until somebody (me) turns it off altogether. Then the women decide it's time to have a bit of a sing while all the men want is a bit of a bite to eat. Still going at four in the morning but at least there were no neighbours to upset.

On Saturday we went to an Italian place on the sea-front, ten of us, and I asked who was paying. Our Ellen sniggered and Tanya said, "Guess." We had a couple of the kids with us too. It was great fun especially when little Blake and Abby discovered that there were jars of lollipops on the counter for kids. I don't think they are there now.

Sunday was spent relaxing and upsetting people by refusing to go for my Sunday lunch. Let's face it, you only need one and I was having mine at Jo's, with Kevin - a lovely Sunday lunch.

Coming back we had four of us in the car - Paul driving, Robert in the passenger seat with me and Kevin in the back.
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