Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'm just getting old

I'm just getting old, that's the problem.
The signs are all there. You know the sort of thing; You stand up after sitting for any length of time and you go, "Aaahh," because the knees take a few moments to catch up...You take your time going up stairs...Not much bothers you anymore but at the same time a lot of things start to piss you off.
Ha! I'm glad you mentioned THAT!
Lots of things are starting to piss me off.
For a start, those clowns who can't pull their fucking trousers up! They walk around with their trousers hanging down to their knees, it's trendy. Have they any idea where the practice stems from? It comes from the American prison system. The 'Punks', the 'Bitches', wear their trousers hanging off their arses as a sign that they are available.
THAT pisses me off, trousers hanging down. Another thing that pisses me off are people who can't comb their hair! They have made it trendy to look like they just woke up. They look like fucking tramps!
And of course idiots who ride bikes on pavements. Get on the roads or the cycle lanes, that's what they are there for!
It's raining, rain always pisses me off, either that or perhaps I am just getting old.

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