Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I've Been a Bit Busy

Our Michelle asked me the other day, "Have you stopped doing your blog?"
Well, I haven't actually stopped, I've just been a bit busy.
Having said that, when I think about it, I haven't been doing much but it takes a lot of effort, not doing much. I wake up each morning in my extremely comfortable bed, and let me just say this; After over a quarter century of sleeping on Lizzie Windsor's nasty beds, my current bed is bliss. Any mature ladies who want to try it, send me an email. No young women please, I do not need some young lady knocking on my door to tell me that she has a belly full of arms and legs, I'm too old for that bollocks.
Where was I?
Right. I wake up each morning in my comfy kip and I am usually sprawled all over it, it's one of those king size things, loads of pillows, snuggly duvets, it's brilliant. Who would want to get out of such a bed?
I finally persuade myself to get up and once I have had my first cuppa I wander down to the Green and get the papers, come back and sit in the dining room to read them and do the crosswords. Well, I am retired, what have I got to hurry for?
The dog needs taking for a walk, that's usually the next job, but at the same time my little sister Ellen Jane wants a lift down to the yard to see to her horses. She sees to my horse as well so normally I don't mind. I shove Tara into the back of the car, her barking and general anti-social behaviour drawing the attention of the passing populace. I drop EJ off at the yard sometimes, sometimes I stay with her there and do horsey things, but normally I go off on my own with Tara down to the beach or somewhere equally open-spaced. By the time she has had her run about, usually soaking wet and filthy, she gets back into the car and makes the rear seat wet and filthy but I don't mind that, I never sit in the back.
By then of course I am hungry so I drive to somewhere tasty like the café overlooking Roker beach or the Roker Pie Shop or somewhere. Good, wholesome, cheap feed, you can't get vexed.
Then it's usually back to the yard or some other place where I have odd interests of one sort or another, none of them even worth mentioning but they interest me.
Back home by tea time with a bit of luck, seeing various members of the clan and onto my writing while I wait for my tea, and let me say right here, our EJ keeps a good food house, we dine well.
By then, it's dark out so I can't do much else apart from play cards or read on my tablet thing.
We have a few jars then supper of course and before I know where I am I want to go back to my lovely comfy bed, I mentioned it earlier.
So, in response to the question, "Have you stopped doing your blog?" The answer is, "I have been a bit busy."

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