Thursday, January 30, 2014

She's only little

She's only little, about five months old and her name is Tilly, Tilly Trotter. We were down the yard seeing to the horses, feeding, mucking out, that sort of thing and Ellen Jane, (Her who splits her head open and gets five stitches just for a laugh,) said, "Why don't we take Samson and Tilly for a walk?"
"Okay," says I, but Samson wasn't cooperating so we just took Tilly.
So there we were, walking round the track when Tilly decided to stop and refused to move another inch. Well, the world is brand new to her and everything new she encounters has to be stared at for half an hour.
"Come-on! Tilly," cries out hero. (that's me by the way.) And I pulled her lead rope. Ha! She might be little but like all females she has a mind of her own. If she decides she's not moving, she's not moving. So I give the lead rope to Ellen Jane and I get at the arse of the horse to chivvy her along a bit. She lashed out and her leg hit my thigh. Good job it wasn't a hoof and it only hit my thigh, I would have been writing this from an A&E department.
Of course EJ thought it was hilarious.
"Little bastard," I said, could have been referring to either one of them, take your pick.
Anyway, not even a bruise, which was lucky, but there again, she's only little.

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