Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Night, (almost midnight)

It's Sunday night and getting on for the witching hour. I've had a couple of glasses of Scotland's finest golden nectar and I will soon be on my way to my solitary pit. Don't feel sorry, I prefer sleeping alone, I've had a lot of practice. The other day Ellen Jane and the rest of us were sitting at the dining table, satisfying the ravenous beast, (feeding the dog under the table in my case) and out of the blue she said, "You know what I have always wanted...a cuckoo clock."
Fate has a strange way of playing with us because a couple of hours later I went into the Blue shop on Fulwell Road and Kath who runs the place said to me, "Freddy! Wait till you see what I've got for you," went into the back room and came out with a cuckoo clock and all the bits. Mind, it WAS in bits too!
"Look," said she. "It's broken but it will still make a nice ornament. Give me two quid for it."
So I did.
It didn't take Joe very long to get it working and all back together and now we have a cuckoo clock that goes, "Cuckoo!" on the hour and once for every hour, whatever that hour is. THEN it plays a little tune.
Anyway, tonight, Joe videoed it at 11 o'clock...eleven "cuckoos" and a little tune. He said he is putting it on Facebook.
Personally, I am posting this and then finishing my last glass and going to bed, after all, it is almost midnight, Sunday Night.

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