Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A happy dog

At least the dog was pleased to see me. Well, I went out for the day yesterday, Monday, just to see a couple of people, the way you do. The trouble with that is visits seem to go on a lot longer than expected. What with cups of tea, sandwiches, somebody unexpected arriving and so dragging out the visit, before we know where we are it's late and time to go home. However, by late at night it's too late if you know what I mean and besides, why go home when there is a warmer fire where we are?
So, I put my feet up and stayed the night, and a very pleasant night it was too. People we haven't seen for a long time have an enormous attraction, a lot of water under the bridge, it all needs talking about, especially when a little drink is involved too. Not a lot, just a taster really.
Then, before we know we are it is the early hours of the morning and it's not worth disturbing the comfortable equilibrium we find ourselves in, so we just stay the night.
Of course the people at home are a bit worried, texts come asking where you are but we are so comfortable we don't even bother to answer them. This in turn just annoys those who care about us and who are wondering where we are.
Well, when we finally get home, in this case about lunch time today we get, "Where have you been? Why didn't you answer your bloody phone?"
We are very off-hand about it all and our reception turns frosty. :)
Still, at least the dog was pleased to see me.

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