Friday, November 08, 2013


No matter how new, the safest thing in your car, is you.
This morning, just after I had sent a couple of texts to my little blonde, I also sent several rude ones to my little brother, but that's another story. Well, who can blame me, he is an idiot! Having said that, he didn't get run over by an electric milk float when he was a kid, not like an even younger brother did, and it was in reverse! Nitwit. Anyway, I sent him, our Jimmy, a couple of rude texts.
Where was I? Oh yes, this morning.
So, I got the car out and I was at the end of the street ready to turn left. Some idiot comes along with his indicator on to turn left away from me, that makes it safe for me to go and I was just going to do that when the clown turned right, straight across me!
I would have thought that when he was examined for his licence the least they could have done was to check that he knew left from right.  No wonder that people have accidents with Fraggles like him driving cars. Still, he missed me so no harm done, but it's true, the safest device in your car, is you, as Broderick Crawford would have said.

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