Thursday, November 07, 2013

Here's me, sitting minding my own business, bothering nobody but that's not good enough for Tara. She is barking and generally being antisocial. Personally I think she needs some sort of canine counselling, preferably by a vet with vallium on the menu. I mean to say, there is no need for it!
I told her, "Shut up, stupid dog." So she lay down and started to bite my foot.
That was it, I'd had enough of her so I took her out the back and locked her out. Now she is growling at my brother-in-law's car. She better not start biting the tyres because I'm not paying for new ones.
I've got a couple of films to watch, three in fact. I've got the new Wolverine film and two Clint Eastwood cowboy films, seen them both before but a good film is a good film, right?
My brother-in-law is going to a Billy Fury tribute concert tonight at the Sunderland Empire but Ellen Jane can't go with him, she is working.
As for me, I'm going to continue sitting here minding my own business, I wish Tara would do the same.

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