Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sleeping with myself.

This morning it was Yvonne who woke me up. Well, you know how their minds work, I'm awake, everybody has to be awake. So, went back to snoozing again and the door crashed open, Ellen Jane.
"You awake?"
"I am now," I replied, not unreasonably, I thought.
"Are we going to see the horses this morning then?" she asked. Well, not asked exactly, more a demand really.
"Yes. Now bugger off," said I, as politely as I could under the circumstances.
"Get yourself up then," was her parting shot.
I like my bedroom, it's full of horsey things, computer, stuff like that.
It's my little place.
Actually it's quite a big place but it's still full of stuff.
I retire here at night and sleep the sleep of the hard-done-by, quite comfortable in my own bed. Leave me alone and I'll sleep the day away quite happily, but this morning it was Yvonne who woke me up.

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