Friday, November 15, 2013

There are two things which should never be given any sort of freedom or influence in a car, a sat-nav and a woman. Both will lead you to the same place, lost. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't be without either, but they can cause problems.
Type in, "Sheffield" say and before you know where you are you are driving down a busy motorway and the sat-nav is saying, "You have reached your destination."
Imagine getting out of the car there and then, setting up the picnic gear and settling down for a watercress sandwich with juggernauts zooming by just feet away. How long before a denizen of the law turns up and says, "Hello, hello, hello. What's going on 'ere then? You can't stop here!."
Try saying, "The sat-nav said I could."
In no time at all you'll find yourself explaining things to a magistrate's court.
So take the advice of a feller who has been mislead by both, sat-nav and a female, gag both, you'll get where you are going much quicker.

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